Post ANPA 2017 Annual Convention Presidential Remarks

Johnson Adeyanju, ANPA President.

The 2017 ANPA Annual Meeting was a resounding success from all reports and exit comments.
ANPA delivered another robust convention with activities that were well planned and well attended.
Our host, Atlanta chapter, capped the convention with a dramatic finale of a fun filled gala night, loaded with award winning events, music, dancing, merriments and guests that were entertained to the maximum.

Preconference reception hosted by ANPA Georgia.
Preconference reception hosted by ANPA Georgia.
L to R: Mike Ogirima (NMA President), Johnson Adeyanju, MD ( ANPA President) and Babatunde Gbolade (MANSAG President)

ANPA also received messages of goodwill from the Atlanta Mayor and Governor, and a welcome Proclamation of a successful convention from the Atlanta City Council on behalf of the Citizens of Atlanta, embraided with a city seal and delivered at the gala event of 6/24/2017.

ANPA President receiving the proclamation from the Mayor of Atlanta representative.

The 23rd annual scientific assembly and convention featured continuing medical education on combating the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases and sudden death. The Theme was conceived out of concern for increasing cardiovascular deaths amongst Nigerian supposedly healthy middle aged adults and public figures, leaving families with significant pain and loss in wake of these occurrences. Knowing that there are applicable preventives measures to mitigate associated risk factors that can result in such deaths, the ANPA program committee put together an excellent program with outstanding speakers to educate and update our members and other health care providers on these important health issues.
Members learnt that prevention, early therapy and evidence based care are all important, especially in the care of those patients suffering from coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, renal disease and life threatening arrhythmias that can result in sudden death.
Attendees also gained knowledge in other Non-Cardiovascular illnesses with significant high mortality and morbidity burdens.

Dan Nwankwo Memorial Lecture by Quinn Capers IV, MD, FACC
Alatunse Don Campion and Olapeju Simoyan, MD: Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project
Babatunde Gbolade, MD: MANSAG President.
Mike Ogirima, MD: NMA President.
Ify Osunkwo, MD, MPH: Dying in the Midst of Plenty: Hidden Causes of Sudden Death in Sickle Cell Disease.
Town Hall discussion panel: Role of Local Government in Population Health Management.
L to R : Prof. Sam Dagogo-Jack, Prof. Isaac Oyewole (Hon Minister of Health) and Prof Scott Emuakpor
Hon Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Oyewole delivers the conference keynote address.
Prof Sam Dagogo-Jack
L to R Adeyanju Johnson (ANPA President), Prof. Isaac Adewole (Hon Minister of Health) and Prof. Sam Dagogo-Jack

A Town hall symposiums was offered on the role of local government in population health management, providing ideas on how health care can be improved system wide with collaboration amongst local, private, public, state and federal health institutions and providers in Nigeria.

Senator Olanrewaju Tejuoso, MBBS
Mike Ogirima, MD (NMA President), Olowu Omobolanle (FMOH Diaspora Coordinator)
Lto R Senator Tejuoso, Abiola Basir Are, Ebenezer Sonaiya, MD and Echezona Ezeanolue, MD

The Saturday morning educational sessions witnessed well delivered lectures on ANPA’s benevolent role in medical missions, ending with a passionate plea and dialogue on improving the quality of Medical Care in Nigeria.

Cliff Eke, MD: Chair ANPA Medical Missions
David Carling, MD: Missionary Doctor, Maiduguri and Founder Active Service Trust.

ANPA continues to focus on the larger objective ahead with projects and innovative ideas that would enhance the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria.
ANPA members pledged to continue to do their best to participate in ANPA field activities, provide technique skills, transfer of knowledge and serve as ambassadors of good health with commitment and willingness to carry out and fulfill ANPA’s vision of a healthier Nigeria in a healthier world.
The next ANPA Board of Directors winter retreat is scheduled to take place in Northern California on the first week of November, 11/3-11/5, 2017. Details on exact location to follow.
The next ANPA Annual Convention is scheduled to take place at the Renaissance Dallas hotel from June 27 to July 1, 2018, in Dallas, Texas.
Many thanks to all ANPA members, our dignitaries, guests, keynote speakers, sponsors, the leaders and citizens of the city of Atlanta, the governor of Georgia and the local organizing committee for a great and joyous convention.

Johnson Adeyanju, MD, FACP, Author
ANPA President

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  • Emeka Obi, March 27, 2018 @ 3:54 am

    Good day,

    I am a second year medical student in Nashville, TN and I am wondering how medical students can get involved and volunteer/observe. I truly appreciate the mission and hope to contribute as a medical student and physician. I want to help develop Nigeria’s health care and educate the citizens about medical care.

    Thank you!

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