Poor judgement, extraordinary luck.

This is a true story and happened in the past 6 weeks. I have not included the names of those involved because of HIPPA rules. I delayed posting this to make sure it had a happy ending.

A Nigerian couple arrived in the United states 6 weeks ago. Wife was pregnant and they came with 2 other children ages 3 years and 18 months. I assume the intention was to have the baby here in the US. The husband returned to Nigeria alone after the new baby was  born leaving the woman with the 3 children. At this time all of them were staying in a hotel because they did not know anybody in the city.

The infant became sick and was taken to a nearby pediatric clinic for treatment. Mother (Mrs B) noticed the name of one of the physicians was Nigerian and asked to meet her. The physician ( Dr E) was not officially at work that day but happened to be at the clinic to have her own children vaccinated. She met with the Nigerian visitor and offered to take them home for lunch. They spent some time at her home before going back to the hotel.

A couple of days after the visit Dr E.  got a message on her voice mail. Mrs B had called because she was having chest pain. She returned her phone call at the hotel but their was no answer. Concerned,  Dr E called the hotel and they went to the room and found Mrs B in a serious medical condition and called an ambulance. Mrs B was taken to the hospital with the 3 children in tow. In the ER she was diagnosed with pulmonary embolus and admitted to ICU. Turns out the Intensivist in charge of the ICU was the husband of Dr E.

The 3 children were taken home by Dr E. Luckily her own mother was in town from Nigeria and helped in taking care of the young children. Mr B was informed of the situation and took the next flight out from Nigeria. Mrs B has since recovered thanks to the good care she got from Dr E’s husband.

I believe Mrs B and her husband exercised poor judgement in their plan to have the baby here in the US. Why did he go back alone leaving his wife only a few days  postpartum with a new-born and 2 other young children? They had no relative or friend and were staying in a hotel. Her luck is nothing but extraordinary. Her chance meeting with Dr E and the chain of events that saved her life and likely her children’s is simply miraculous. I can imagine her lying in a hotel room sick and unable to get help. If she had died, the 3 children would have been at risk of starving to death. The kindness of the Nigerian couple warms my heart and their reward is in heaven.

But again what if she’d had the baby in Nigeria and had a PE. Will the result be the same? Will she be alive today? I wonder if despite their poor judgement this was somehow a divine intervention.

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