Nashville ANPA Board Retreat- Brief Report

Sent on behalf of ANPA President, Dr. Mike Etomi.

Dear Board Members,

The board retreat that just concluded in Nashville was indeed very successful as we engaged in robust discussions about moving ANPA forward. It started with the Friday night reception started by Dr. and Mrs. John Nwofia at their home. We had the opportunity to meet many doctors from the Nashville area. The entertainment was very good and the evening was quite enjoyable.

We opened with a minute of silence in honor of our past President/Board Member Dr. Olusegun Salako who was laid to rest about two weeks ago.

The Saturday deliberation which included the reports of the President, Treasurer/Budget Reconciliation, as well as the past President report in addition to committee reports. The minutes will be put together by the secretariat.

Quickly, the financial report indicates that ANPA is finally is beginning to be healthy again and thanks to Dr. Chukwumerije, who has made sure that ANPA operated within her budget. The current treasurer, Dr. Adeyanju has devised ways to improve our dues collection as well as generated funds to be used for fundraising efforts across the chapters.

Our tireless program director, Professor Ajovi Scott Emuakpor, presented the theme for next year’s convention – “The role of surgery in Primary Care”. The faculty is being put together.

The membership chair, Dr. Eruchalu, also told us about our growing membership.

The IT chair, Dr. Ekwonu, navigated us through our website.

The past President, Dr. Nwariaku, gave a report on the various initiatives with the Federal Ministry of Health including completion of the assignment for redesigning the Nigerian Medical School curriculum. We received $29,000.00 from USAID for this effort.

The Medical Specialties Committee Chair, Dr. Asonye, gave a report on the Joint Technical Committee.

We received Chapter Chair reports from our newest chapter (New York) from Dr. Maduekwe, Chicago Chair Dr. Adefuye, Northern California Dr. Sorunke, Southern California (by Dr. Chukwumerije), as well as the host chapter, Dr. Nwofia.

The board approved the executive committee to work with Intrasat in developing the use of Information Technology and Telemedicine in healthcare delivery in Nigeria. This will cost ANPA no money but we will develop the content and be paid for it.

Many contributions were made to the strategic session with regards to the goals and objectives of ANPA. In fact, Professor Scott-Emuakpor, has already turned in his proposal to work with the MDCN towards establishing one uniform exam to be given immediately after finishing medical school in Nigeria as is the practice in most parts of the world, include the US. I am using this medium to ask for contribution from other members, especially those who promised to do so by e-mail.

Corrine from the secretariat, did a superb job coordinating the meeting and we thank her.

Finally at our dinner on Saturday, we had a very robust interaction with potential members from the Nashville doctors many of whom pledged to join ANPA and some will encourage their classmates to do the same.


We missed the board members who were not able to attend for a variety of reasons and hope to see them next time.

Thank You

Michael Etomi, MD, FASN

President, ANPA

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