Minutes of Meeting: ANPA’s Delegation and the Nigerian Judiciary.


Present: Dr. Michael Etomi (President), Dr. Julius Kpaduwa (Past President), Dr. Abraham Osinbowale (Chair, ANPA’s Advocacy Committee) for ANPA AND Honorable Sunday Olorundahunsi (Chief Registrar, Supreme Court of Nigeria), Mr. Ahmed Gambo Saleh (Deputy Chief Registrar, Supreme Court of Nigeria), Dr. Muhammad Abbas (Chief Medical Director, Supreme Court of Nigeria), Mr. Hassan Ibrahim (Deputy Director, Audit Division, Supreme Court of Nigeria), Mr. Alasa M. Mhyas, Deputy Director, Supreme Court Library) for the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Location: Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria.

The meeting started at 10:00 am in the Executive Chambers of the Chief Registrar, Supreme Court of Nigeria, after formal self-introductions by the attendees. Dr. Osinbowale later followed with the rationale for ANPA’s decision to meet the Judiciary, the main reason being the creation of a window of accountability  in the delivery of quality healthcare to Nigerians by raising the awareness and level of sophistication  of Nigeria’s healthcare consumers so that all cadres of healthcare providers in Nigeria including doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, laboratory technicians/technologists, physiotherapists, radiographers and any or all allied health workers whose line of work involve interaction with patient care will aspire to the highest level of best practices and ethics to maximize the patient’s final outcome in delivering healthcare. We want to implore the members of the legal community to educate their clients about their rights in demanding good healthcare delivery and asking the right questions when they present to the various healthcare professionals. Dr. Etomi then went through a presentation starting with ANPA’s Vision of “A Healthier Nigeria in a  Healthier World” and our Mission of looking after the interests of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas and by extension, by impacting the quality of healthcare delivery to Nigerians leveraging the best-in-class skill sets of American-trained Nigerian physicians to help physicians and other healthcare workers who are trying their best in the Nigerian healthcare milieu.

The attendees from the judicial Division then spoke at length about the various examples they have come in contact with, in some cases involving members of their own families buttressing the point about the need for better practices and accountability in healthcare delivery in Nigeria. Some of the cases had to be taken to India for further Specialist care and in some cases, revision of surgical cases already done here in Nigeria. Dr. Abbas, the Chief  Medical Director of the Supreme Court of Nigeria spoke about the new clinic with modern facilities the Supreme Court is building to cater to the needs of the Court’s employees and their families to ensure better quality of care in their own facilities and minimize the need to send cases outside and he would like to collaborate with ANPA in the delivery of Specialty care. A lengthy discussion by the attendees then ensued about lapses in the present system and the loss of foreign exchange due to transfer of cases primarily to India for further care. It was agreed that the meeting of February 25, 2014 is coming at a very important time in the history of healthcare issues considering that the Senate version of the National Health Bill which has been held up since 2006, was just passed and since we will be meeting with the National Assembly ( who are the legislators) later the same day, the attendees from the judicial division encouraged the ANPA team to make our points clearly to the legislators since the judiciary deals with arbitration and adjudication but they will continue and strengthen the education of the healthcare consumer as the legal society members come in contact with clients. They were very encouraged by our Vision and Mission and the steps ANPA is taking purely on a voluntary basis to uplift the level of healthcare delivery in Nigeria. They suggested the need for ongoing  dialogue and meetings between ANPA and the judicial team for continuity and enhancement of the implementation of the fine ideas we have proposed.

It was agreed that ongoing communications will be put in place starting with the minutes of this meeting and Dr. Abbas will keep in touch with ANPA for possible collaboration between ANPA Consultants and the delivery of care to the more than 1000 Supreme Court employees and their families.

In the absence of further business discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.

These minutes are subject to review and adoption.

Respectfully submitted by:

Dr. Michael Etomi                                  Dr. Abraham Osinbowale

ANPA President                                   Chair, ANPA’s Advocacy Committee