The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas

ANPA Membership Types

This category applies to medical students (pre baccalaureate) and MD residents who currently enrolled in a US medical program. This membership type requires approval.
This category applies to non-MD healthcare professionals including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, RNs, etc.
This category applies to physician members who relocate outside of the US.
This category applies to practicing Medical Doctors based in the US.

ANPA Membership Plans

The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas

  • Associate

  • $200Current Total

  • Affiliate

  • $265Current Total

  • Regular

  • $365Current Total

Let us continue to use our mission of a healthier Nigeria in a healthier world for momentum. Renew your ANPA membership today. Your membership has several benefits. Check them out below!
  • Medical Missions/Volunteerism
  • Improve Nigerian Healthcare
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Practice Referrals
  • Family Engagement
  • IMG Mentorship
  • Networking
  • CME
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