The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas

ANPA Achievements


Donated over $12,000 for COVID-19 testing during our ANPA Week Me to Everyone


Donated over $55,000 for Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) to distribute to healthcare workers in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic

Increase dissemination of knowledge by offering Continuing Medical Education during our annual Scientific Conferences with CME awards.

ANPA is a major promoter of interdisciplinary health care collaboration in the Nigerian healthcare arena as well as their professional mediation with healthcare professionals promoting process improvement for quality care of the patient.

We support women and child programs in Nigeria through Charitable givings from ANPA Women Hat and Tea Forum, some of which are:


Jesu Marie Empowerment Foundation Delta State. Nigeria AND Nwachi Orphanage, Lugbe, FCT, Abuja. Nigeria


Mirabel Rape and Crisis Center, Lagos, Lagos State. Nigeria


Child Nutrition and Safe water project – Red Cross Orphanage and Motherless Babies Home, Enugu, Enugu State. Nigeria

ANPA participates in the improvement of University Education in Nigeria via Nigerian Medical Alumni Support, education and participation in Research projects.

ANPA is a designated CPD provider in Nigeria to help the training and development of the Nigerian Healthcare provider. Continually collaborates with The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).

ANPA Robust Medical/Surgical Missions now captured in ANPA Week:


Provided telemedicine care (Calabar)


Government Secondary School & Tungwa Kwasaou - TX Primary & Secondary School & National Hospital (Abuja)


Enugu General Hosp and Regina Caeli Hospital, Awka. Anambra State in collaboration with Dan Nwankwo foundation.


Mirabel Rape and Crisis Center, Lagos, Lagos State. Nigeria


Faith Alive, Jos, Plateau State. Nigeria


Donated personal protection equipment worth over $80,000 to Nigeria to aid in EVD prevention efforts.


Negotiated a licensing waiver for Nigerian physicians who trained in Nigeria and abroad to obtain their licenses and promote their ability to take their expertise back to the country and practice.


Reviewed and revised Nigeria’s medical school curriculum to ensure education is comparable to that in other parts of the world.


Raised over $35,000 for Haitian support after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.