Why Join the most interesting Association of Doctors?

Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA)

We are the world’s largest and effective grouping of physicians of Nigerian heritage

With over 700+ members across the United States, we offer unique experiences and opportunities for members to grow professionally while helping transform health outcomes for millions

Whether you are an experienced physician, or a new resident, now is a great time to join ANPA. we offer 3 reasons to join us:

Professional Growth

  • Learn from and partner with world class experts
  • Network with engaged peers across regions and specialties
  • Utilize our ready-made platform to see patients in Nigeria.

Giving Back

  • Share expertise with peers in Nigeria via Grand Rounds
  • Build case studies and use to train Nigerian medical students
  • Advise NMA on clinical guidelines
  • Participate in medical missions

Fun & Family

  • Reconnect with old friends, find new ones, and have fun with all
  • Relax at family picnics and gatherings, and create new memories with your kids
  • Join specially curated parents only events including cruises and tours


ANPA is a major promoter of interdisciplinary health care collaboration in the Nigerian healthcare arena as well as their professional mediation with healthcare professionals promoting process improvement for quality care of the patient.

We support women and child programs in Nigeria through Charitable givings from ANPA Women Hat and Tea Forum, some of which are:

ANPA Robust Medical/Surgical Missions now captured in ANPA Week: