Is ANPA a Social Club ?

I have been debating this question for the past few weeks. I typically try to take stock when the year begins to come to a close and one of the thoughts that came across my mind was what exactly does ANPA mean to me or in what ways does it impact Nigeria as a whole in the Health care sector.

I reviewed the different posts by members on the group emails, blogs etc. and the comments reflected issues of concern to Nigeria i.e. safety, kidnapping, state of the economy, healthcare delivery, criticisms of the government , discussions about dues, membership issues etc. We celebrated the successes of our members and their families and commiserated with the families of those that passed away (may God Bless their souls). But really, how do these conversations differ from the conversations we have in other fora or gatherings? When we meet at parties and other occasions where 2 or 3 are gathered in the name of Nigeria, the same conversations take place.

So what is the value of ANPA?

The mission statement of ANPA is based on 4 separate themes . One is to foster camaraderie within the members in a professional and altruistic manner, secondly to provide an avenue to debate and foster interest in the health care issues as it pertains to Nigeria, the third rail is to develop practical solutions to the health care problems through strategic and initiative programs within Nigeria, and lastly to seek collaborative research opportunities within the international medical community and contribute to improved health care within the Americas and world wide.

The first 2 parts of the mission statement are social while the last 2 parts are practical. I truly believe we have done an excellent job on the social aspect but feel our true value will be measured on the latter aspect.

In due course, I will be blogging my thoughts on how ANPA can achieve the latter part of its Mission Statement and also looking forward to contributions of other interested parties.

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