Happy Birthday Professor Ajovi Scott-Emuakpor

Dear Colleagues,
As the Children of Dr Ajovi Scott- Emuakpor nicely put it, we are not promised tomorrow and so we must make the most of today. With that came the invitation to celebrate a great gentleman, an erudite scholar, the anchor of a large family who describe him as “our protector, our guide, our hero, and our support. He is a role model who has set a very high bar that the rest of us strive to reach. As the first generation Scott-Emuakpors hand over the torch to the second generation, we wanted the family patriarch to know how much he means to each of us.”
From the ANPA family egroup mails, we all can see what he means to our organization. I could not pass up this opportunity to be there in person to show him how valuable and a change agent he has been for ANPA and myself in particular. Prof Emuakpor exudes intelligence yet remains humble. He is engaging and ready to accommodate a new point of view. He is articulate and the representative you need to create and/or make a case. When you learn from him, you are ready to play in the big league. He even spends the wee hours of the morning in unairconditioned makeshift operating rooms with us during our medical missions in Nigeria!
We are blessed to have you Prof and will continue to appreciate how much you contribute to our organization. Thank you for recognizing us in your life and giving me, my hubby and ANPA colleagues, the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with you.
Charmaine Emelife MD
President, Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas.

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