Finally, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Mandatory for Nigerian Doctors

Until now it was possible for a Nigerian doctor or dentist to practice for decades with no requirement to improve their knowledge or skills on a regular basis. We are pleased that this is about to change, if the plan by Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) should become a reality.

Beginning this year, according to the MDCN, Nigerian doctors must earn a minimum of 20 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits to qualify for renewal of their license.

The MDCN says it has established a mechanism for potential CPD providers to apply for accreditation. The application form can be downloaded here (PDF).  So far, however, the MDCN has been opaque regarding the conditions for accreditation. Although it has posted an email address for inquiries, The ANPA Blog did not receive any response to an email requesting information on accreditation requirements.

We urge the MDCN to post these requirements to their website, in the interest of transparency. We are particularly interested in how individual Nigerian diaspora physicians or groups, such as ANPA, could participate in this effort as CPD providers.

Despite these growing pains, however, this is welcome news for doctors and their patients across the country.  Kudos to the MDCN for taking this necessary step to improve the quality of medical and dental care in the country!

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