Ernest Madu and HIC Recognized at The AMCHAM Business and Civic Leadership Awards for Excellence 2016

The (American Chamber of Commerce) AMCHAM Business and Civic Leadership Awards for Excellence 2016 was held at the Jamaica Pegasus on Friday, October 21st

The AMCHAM Business and Civic Leadership Awards celebrate, highlight and encourage those who inspire others with vision, leadership and achievements toward nation building. It showcases businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations that drive economic and social progress in Jamaica through ethical leadership, stewardship and community building activities

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC) won the Corporate Social Responsibility Small Organization Award, and Professor Ernest Madu won the Civic Leadership Individual Award.


Professor ERNEST Madu is an internationally recognized authority in cardiovascular medicine and innovative healthcare systems and solutions in Africa and the Caribbean.
11 years ago, he founded the Heart Institute of the Caribbean, after realizing the need to improve and provide access to cardiovascular care in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Dr. Madu’s transformational practices has enabled HIC to become the premiere center of excellence for cardiovascular care that was not previously available for a fraction of the cost in more developed countries. Through this affordable and quality healthcare, Professor Madu has used the appropriate technology to extend high quality healthcare to vulnerable populations at an affordable cost. Through HIC, he has given away more than USD 1.5 million annually in free or subsidized care resulting in a total of more than USD 15 million over the past 10 years.
With a great desire to provide much greater access outside of Kingston, Dr. Madu has successfully expanded HIC Services to Ocho Rios, Mandeville and Montego Bay to ensure accessibility to vital cardiovascular services throughout Jamaica. His commitment to community has resulted in him offering coronary angiography to hospitalized patients in government hospitals who urgently need it at HIC for the cost of the angiokit only.
He has been described by many as a visionary, an example, selfless, committed, dedicated, dependable and motivated: traits most associated with being a civic leader.
A leading expert in healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship, and the translation of technology to developing countries, it’s no wonder that his opinions are widely sought by leading international organizations and think tanks like TED, World Policy Journal, General Electric, UNICEF, US-Africa Business Summit, World Healthcare Congress, the Commonwealth Fund and Medical Tourism Association.
His accomplishments in healthcare both locally and internationally resulted in him being named the inaugural Global Health Champion by the Centre of Global Health at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in recognition to his sterling contribution to healthcare in developing countries. Under his leadership, the Heart Institute of the Caribbean has become a catalyst for healthcare development in Jamaica, receiving the Nation Builder Award as well as the Innovation Award from the National Commercial Bank.
The impact of Professor Madu’s work is phenomenal as he has positively impacted the quality of healthcare throughout the Caribbean and Africa.

Born out of the need to provide accessibility and affordability to quality cardiovascular care for all
Jamaicans, the Heart Institute of the Caribbean is the only full service cardiovascular care center in the
English Speaking Caribbean.
HIC operates an open access to care model on the premise that no one is denied treatment because of
‘inability to pay.
With all locations across Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Mandeville offering heavily subsidized
community clinics several days each week for financially less privileged patients, the HIC has taken it a
step further by establishing mini centers in communities across the island to further improve access to
indigent patients.
HIC is now giving free emergency coronary angiogram with patients only having to pay for the kit. With
this initiative, they have saved the lives of approximately 90 patients with heart attacks or critical heart
disease and have given award J$81 million in free services to those in need. HIC also offers free family
health forums several times each year to increase public awareness of cardiovascular diseases.
The access to heart checks by HIC are made available at the community clinics, heart stations and ECG
Days where services are offered at reduced prices.
 HIC is the first and only Cardiovascular Clinic in Central Jamaica with a comprehensive range of
services including Echocardiography, Nuclear Medicine, Stress Testing, Halters and Ambulatory
 It is the first and only Myocardial Contrast Echo and Dobutamine Myocardial Contrast Stress
Echo programmed in Jamaica
 It is the first and only Nuclear Myocardial Viability scanning facility in Jamaica to determine
patient likely to benefit from coronary revascularization procedure.
 It boasts the only pacemaker and ICD device implantation in the English Speaking Caribbean run
by board certified Cardiac Electrophysiologists
 It has the only full service Nuclear Laboratories in Jamaica with comprehensive range of nuclear
services and procedures staffed by the only Board Certified Nuclear Cardiologist in Jamaica.
 HIC offers first and only Emergency Ambulance Service for Cardiovascular Care

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