Ebola Virus Epidemic in Nigeria- An Appeal and call to action

Dear Friends:

Since the index case of Ebola Virus disease was identified in Nigeria, The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) has been evaluating our response to this potential public health disaster. The executive committee assembled an Ebola Virus Response Team that includes all members of the Executive and ANPA Public Policy and Government Relations Committees and a few other members with expertise and interest in infectious diseases and public health. Attached is the last ANPA Press release which was issued by the group:


The press release was well received within and outside our group.

There has never been a period like this when our country faces a preventable major public health disaster. Unfortunately, the NMA remains on strike. Members of the health care team and the public are very apprehensive and are looking for trusted leadership. This period calls for physician leadership and ANPA has the responsibility to rise to the call and help provide technical support, direction and leadership. This is an opportunity for us to live our mission: “A healthier Nigeria in a healthier world”. If we are able to help curtail the spread of Ebola Virus in Nigeria, we will have contributed to making Nigeria and the world “healthier”.

To accomplish this, we are committed to doing the following:

1: Mobilize our members and external organizations in the USA to contribute funds and/or donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used for contact precautions and send these to institutions in Nigeria

2: Provide an educational video on the use of the PPE that would be used for the training of healthcare personal and the public.

3: Develop and deploy ANPA sponsored Public Health messages in the Nigerian media that will educate the public on disease prevention and reassure the public.

To accomplish these goals, I am appealing to you to make tax deductible financial donations to ANPA that will be dedicated to combating the Ebola epidemic.



For Payment by Check:

Make check payable to:  ANPA

Memo: Ebola Virus

Address: ANPA; 506 Summer Storm Drive, Durham, NC 27704

We will use all the funds to purchase the PPE and deliver them to Nigeria, to complement the efforts of the government and international agencies.

If you have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to donate, please mail same to:


28414 Redwood Canyon Place

Santa Clarita, CA 91390

We contributed during the earthquake disaster in Haiti. A prompt contribution now will help us avoid an even more disastrous situation in Nigeria. Rather than complain about the darkness, let us light a candle. We have been provided with an opportunity to lead by example.

Please contribute!

Nkem Chukwumerije, MD, MPH, FACP

ANPA, President



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