Diaspora Groups Helping to Combat Nigeria's Cholera Outbreak

I have received a number of calls and e-mails from friends and medical professional comrades about the recent Cholera outbreak in Nigeria. Some are asking what is ANPA going to do about this?

Cholera can wreck havoc in a relatively short period of time if the outbreak is not quickly contained. While Haiti may have a legitimate reason to suffer

the inevitable fecal oral infections brought about by unsanitary conditions in the refugee camps, Nigeria simply has no excuse at this day in age.

By mobilizing its resources to help during the last big band of the Haiti destructive earthquake, ANPA demonstrated its capacity to intervene in similar disasters in Nigeria, under the appropriate circumstances.

I was quite encouraged to read about the recent efforts by the Nigerian Global Diaspora Forum and the Nigerian Pharmacists Association of Tampa, Florida to assist the cholera victims.

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