Countdown To ANPA @ 25

The dawn of ANPA Silver Jubilee Anniversary is upon us in a befitting 25th year of Annual ANPA Convention and Scientific Assembly in the Monumental Opulence of the Federal Capital Territory, Washington, D.C. ANPA Founders, Leaders and Members should be proud of an Elegant Legacy that echoes an unprecedented gathering of highly skilled professionals and blessed immigrants, endowed with two worlds. One is a developed world that seems to have everything and the other a developing world that is yet to achieve its eminence. We longed for our developing world to thrive, blossom and enjoy a supreme state of social, economic and political status with healthier citizens. ANPA’s vision of a healthier Nigeria in a healthier world strives at the core of the ultimate fulfillment and hope that the Nigerian population would eventually reach that goal of the best health care quality with easy access, affordability, excellent infrastructures, technological advancements, enviable amenities and the improved morbidity and mortality in health care that the developed world enjoys.

Nigeria has a unique set of socioeconomic, political, ethical, traditional and cultural values that affects and transcends healthcare delivery across the population. Despite this challenging conundrum, the Nigerian healthcare system is blessed with both traditional and scientific practitioners who do their best to heal the population they serve. As a professional organization, ANPA must continue to engage in good planning and relevant actionable activities that will help bridge the medical divide between the developing and the developed world. As we build on the progress of our predecessors we must continue to partner and collaborate with our professional colleagues here, in Nigeria and around the world to shape the medical landscape of Nigeria towards the best possible healthcare delivery.

As we have done over the past 25 years, lets remain mission focused, maintain our professional collaboration and volunteerism, support ourselves with leadership roles and intellectual acumen so that our collective efforts can achieve and realize the dreams of our ANPA Vision and Mission. Let us continue to serve with dedication and that burning desire to make a difference in the life of others, continue to come and obtain more educational knowledge, debate, deliberate, and provide a stellar model for the future generations of ANPA members and leaders. Our ideas should have no boundaries or limitations. We must continue to explore and reach out for the best in our dreams to assist Nigeria in bridging the gap of the burgeoning and cutting edge of healthcare delivery and innovations.

Congratulations and Happy Silver Jubilee Anniversary to all ANPA members and guests.

Johnson Adeyanju, MD, FACP, Author
ANPA Immediate Past President (2016-2018)

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