Countdown To ANPA @ 25

Happy 25th Anniversary, ANPA.

How time passes. It was twenty-five years ago when several friends and families, including many Nigerian physicians, gathered for a soiree at my residence in Rolling Hills, California. Dr. Acho
Emeruwa spoke that evening of his vision of forming a network of Nigerian doctors in the U.S. He
and Dr. Yinka Soroye partnered to create a list of Nigerian physicians in the United States and Canada.
A list of 64 physicians was initially generated out of the 3000 Nigerian physicians practicing and living
in the U.S. Shortly thereafter, the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) was inaugurated.

Our initial goal was to bond and support each other professionally, academically and socially. It was
not long before this simple goal morphed into several medical missions to Nigeria to deliver badly needed healthcare for Nigerians in an effort to create a healthier Nigeria in a healthier world.

In 1995, ANPA held its historic inaugural conference in Anaheim, California, attended by many physicians from across the United States and Canada. Since then, ANPA has held twenty-four
scientific conferences across the US and Canada, and one in Nigeria. ANPA’s significant achievements include annual medical missions to Nigeria; connecting Nigerian Universities to the internet; reviewing Nigerian Medical School curricula; establishing several national chapters; establishing Student ANPA, which later became the Nigerian Physicians of Tomorrow; partnering with several Nigeria organizations, including the Nigerian government; establishing Nigeria Medical School Alumni associations; disaster relief and support ( like the ANPA response to Nigeria for Ebola, to Haiti for the natural disaster) and
the formation of several social groups, including the Annual Ladies Hat and Tea Outings and the Annual ANPA Golf Classic.

Congratulations to our founding members, past presidents and all ANPA members for these notable achievements.

Long live ANPA! Long live Nigeria!

Dapo Popoola, MD.

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