Countdown To ANPA @ 25

ANPA @ 25.

The gestation, birth and development of ANPA to its current state @ 25 years is being well articulated as we approach our 25th anniversary convention and scientific assembly June 26-30, 2019. Looking at ANPA through a different lens compels me to focus my comments on the theory of organizational development and the applicability of these principles to the future of ANPA.

Much has been written on the topic of the organizational life cycle to glean from. The organizational life cycle describes the trajectory of an organization from its creation to its termination. It describes the expected sequence of advancements experienced by a structured and well governed organization, distinct from a randomized occurrence of events as the result of revolving leadership devoid of structured strategy planning, execution and accountability. Suffice it to say, the success and sustainability of organizations are dependent on the embracement and execution of the principle of organizational development. So doing delivers a predictable trajectory of success. Failure to do so results in predictable organizational demise over time.

Organizations exist to provide value to its stakeholders. Value must be objectively codified, transparently articulated and socialized within the organization’s addressable market of stakeholders and customers. ANPA’s priority stakeholders and customers include its membership, its partnerships and the communities it serves. Our vision statement “a healthier Nigeria in a healthier world” implies a dual geographic footprint and stakeholder focus within both Nigeria and its diaspora. Our mission statement describes several tactical elements intended to execute on this vision.

Executing on any corporate vision requires deliberate strategic planning, driven by responsible organizational governance (board of directors and ExCo) that align around a well-articulated strategy. Governance that is structured not only to execute on this strategy but to revalidate it overtime for sustainability. Most importantly, organizational governance must be structured to hold board membership and elected officers accountable for the execution of said strategy.

See below, the stages of a non- profit organizational life cycle.

Have we succeeded thus far through methodical strategy planning, execution and organizational discipline? Or have we succeeded thus far absent of a deliberate focus on these competencies? As we advance and grow through and beyond adolescence, are we positioned to sustain and renew to avoid stagnation and demise over time? As we celebrate ANPA @25, and that we vigorously and pridefully must…, we must also measure our performance and understand our position along the life cycle curve described above. We must be cognizant of the implications that lie ahead in the presence or absence of an organizational culture that evolves and demands mature organizational leadership, discipline and accountability.

As a founding member, past treasurer and past president of our great organization, it has been a unique privilege to have participated in the genesis of a noble dream, and to have lived through its evolution along with other founding members, officers and our broader general membership.

The best for ANPA is yet to come IF we plan accordingly and sustain the vision of its founders. Delivering a sustaining legacy for the current and future generations of ANPA, MUST be and can only be done through the methodical process of strategy execution and value delivery.

Best regards,


Past Treasurer ANPA (2002 – 2004)

Past President ANPA (2006 – 2008)

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  • Preston Ukoli, MD, June 24, 2019 @ 5:07 pm

    Dr Yele Aluko, I seize this opportunity to congratulate you on your performance as one of the great ANPA leaders. You have always brought your wealth of training and experience to bear on the running and performance of ANPA, and you always have your “game face” on at every conference or board retreat. As an old medical school classmate (MBBS Ibadan, Nigeria, Class of 1978), I must commend you for your mastery of accounting, which you demonstrated so effortlessly at your presentations whilst serving as ANPA Treasurer from 2002 to 2004. Additionally, your experience in Health Care Administration has been evident over the years. That you personally facilitated the migration of the nucleus of Nigerian Physicians to Charlotte NC, a nucleus that has since birthed ANPA Carolinas as one of the largest and more mature chapters in ANPA, is even more impressive.

    As ANPA’s 25th anniversary draws close, I remember your championing of timeliness as President at the ANPA Conference which held in New Brunswick, NJ, in 2006. I also remember that yourself and Dr Obinna Eruchalu (also of our Class of 1978) were the ones that pressurized me for a couple of years, before I joined the association just prior to the Washington DC Conference of the year 2000.

    Please keep up the good work, on behalf of the people of Nigeria and the USA.

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