Countdown To ANPA @ 25

ANPA is an organization we all love so dearly. The main reason for this love is the love for Nigeria and our ability to contribute significantly towards the much needed improvement of the Nigerian healthcare delivery. That has been our vision. We have tried so much in the last 25 years to accomplish this vision with some difficulty. Working with Nigerian government has been challenging. It was this vision that led us to Abuja in 2009 for our one and only convention in Nigeria to collaborate with the stakeholders.

Medical missions were pioneered by ANPA and we have actually delivered on it. We need to do more.The foundation for a Healthier Nigeria in a Healthier world begins with a responsive government. A government that will first and foremost acknowledge the terrible and poor state of the health status of the people. Secondly one which has the desire and determination to change the status quo. The Nigerian economy must be uplifted and all citizens carried along. In this regard the infrastructure needs to be developed. The lack of sustainable energy in the country must be designated as number one priority problem with an emergency classification and a code blue approach to solving it. Good roads and adequate clean water supply and clean air should be in the same category. If all these are paid adequate attention, industries will blossom and the average income per capita will significantly improve. This will positively impact the health status of the average Nigerian. The Nigerian national health expenditure as a percent of GDP should be increased to at least the United Nations recommendation. All these can not happen until we have a good government that will have zero tolerance for corruption and its primary purpose will be to serve the Nigerian people in a competent and good result oriented manner. We definitely do not have this now.

It is crystal clear that the way forward for ANPA need invigoration.. ANPA needs to work towards achieving good governance for our dear country. How? ANPA needs to participate in non partisan politicking to help usher in good governance and a responsive government for the Nigerian people. ANPA needs to develop a Political Action Committee ( ANPA PAC ) We will lobby for good governance and at the same time do what we as best-medical practice. I encourage all to support this idea.
Julius Kpaduwa MD, FACOG

Past ANPA President

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