Countdown To ANPA @ 25

Join an ANPA Committee! Every ANPA Member has a role!
I look forward to coming with my family to each ANPA convention since that faithful ANPA 2009 in Abuja! Over 8 years, I served as ANPA Education Committee Chair, I saw the passion among ANPA members as committee members would take time to review personal statements, write letters of recommendation, network and call on other well placed ANPA members to support ANPA associates looking to get into residency programs.
There were lots of successes as there were failures. The part I remember most is candidates calling in the middle of patient care after the “match” distraught that they did not match! I could remember staying as long as one hour with some of these candidates at a very critical time in their career to keep their hopes and zeal alive. Although we considered it a failed effort, it always amazed me when they called back a year later narrating how much they appreciated the time spent with them and how it gave them the courage to try again and finally got into a residency program!
No matter how big the problem may be, how difficult the landscape seems every ANPA member has something to contribute. Get out of the sidelines and do your part. ANPA will be greater for that!
The great thing about ANPA is that everyone has a chance to contribute, do their best and step aside for new ideas while continuing to be an active ANPA member!

Eche Ezeanolue, MD, MPH
Las Vegas
Past Education Committee Chair

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