Countdown To ANPA @ 25

When we met 25 years ago, we never thought of where we would be today. We were motivated by the dream we had when we left Nigeria, to excel in the USA and return to build a formidable healthcare system for Nigeria.

25 years ago Sani Abacha was the Military President of Nigeria, Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed, our Keynote Speakers were Professor Ransome-Kuti and Mr Randall Robinson. We wanted to be part of transforming Nigeria.

Those who came to Anaheim from all across the USA were from every part of Nigeria, from the North to the South. In-spite of the political crises in Nigeria and lack of the capacity of Nigeria to absorb our skills, we did not want to be bystanders or have our potential contributions to our people lost.
We come a long way and have learned a lot. We have weathered a few crises. ANPA has been largely a labor of love of the Nigerian Physicians community. It’s been supported mostly by contributions from members and businesses trying to reach the Nigerian doctors.

In 25 years henceforth, I hope Nigeria won’t send it’s best and brightest abroad for better medical education. Our talents would be home grown. We have the capacity to compete with the best in the world

Acho Emeruwa, MD FACOG
First Executive Director.

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  • Preston Ukoli, MD, June 3, 2019 @ 8:06 pm

    Dr Emeruwa: Congratulations to you, the other founding members and to ANPA membership in general, on this 25th anniversary of the inauguration of ANPA! The weight on the shoulders of ANPA broadens daily as we continue to join hands with all other Nigerians to make Nigeria a great place for any Nigerian to settle in.

    I once again pledge my support to ANPA leadership in working towards A Healthier Nigeria In A Healthier World.

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