Countdown To ANPA @25

As a very enthusiastic medical student, I was in search of an organization where I could one day use my role as a physician to make a greater impact. This is how I came to the discovery of the DNPT organization. I made my first connection with DNPT in 2017 when I attended a DNPT conference. After attending the conference, I joined the DNPT E-board. I served as secretary and shortly after that I became the 9th president of the DNPT organization. Being a part of DNPT organization, as a member and also as a leader, gave me the opportunity to participate in many activities alongside ANPA physicians that promote our mission of creating “A Healthier Nigeria”. I think in the medical field or in any career path it is important for those who have made it in their careers to provide training and knowledge to the next generation. And the existence of DNPT under the umbrella of ANPA has enabled future physicians like me to develop skills and acquire knowledge that not only aids in successfully becoming a physician, but also facilitates pioneering ideas that will advance the mission of making “A Healthier Nigeria”.

Kemi Jaiyesimi MSIV

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