Countdown To ANPA @25

In 2007, I met Dr. Yele Aluko who was the president of ANPA at the time and immediately I got it. I understood the vision and the mission. I did not need convincing on the importance of this organization. Together, on a balmy Saturday in Charlotte, we discussed macro issues around membership, recruitment/retention and the struggle against membership apathy. Nigerians were (and remain) over-represented among black students in Medicine across the 50 states and even in the Caribbean. He challenged me to organize my fellow Nigerian medical students under a structure that would be affiliated and supported by ANPA. Our hope was to ‘catch them young’, promote a seamless transition after graduation and provide a pipeline of new blood into a somewhat maturing body of esteemed members. Hence, Distinguished Nigerian Physicians of Tomorrow (DNPT) was born. I served as president for the first 2 years and we grew from 7 founding members to over 200 members at the end of my tenure. I am proud to say that most of my contemporaries at DNPT back in 2008 are now proud ANPA members with some of them even starting new ANPA chapters most notably the dynamic Houston chapter established by Dr. Ike Ilochownu. In 2009, we were part of ANPA’s first conference in Nigeria and we executed a successful medical textbook drive that benefitted the libraries of UCH, UNIBEN and UNILORIN medical schools. We have also been part of multiple ANPA mission trips and medical supplies drive. My hope is that ANPA recognizes the value of DNPT and continues to nurture/strengthen this bond especially on the local chapter level.
Lanre Jimoh MD MBA

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