Countdown To ANPA @ 25

ANPA at 25 from the eyes of a Nigerian Millennial Physician
Above all the things that drew me to this organization was a sense of belonging and acceptance. You see, it’s a privilege to be surrounded by trailblazing Nigerian physicians every corner you turn. However, in the same lens, it can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating trying to approach the pearly gates of the Elite Nigerian Physician Old Boys Club.

So, you can imagine the awe I felt and the walls that were torn down in my mind on these numerous occasions: There are so many but I will only list a few.
-Evening discussions with Emmanuel Okafor about everything you need to know about ANPA.
-Running ANPA ideas by Papa, or the Mark Zuckerberg of ANPA, Ihenacho Emeruwa.
-ANPA Election Campaign Strategizing sessions with Phil Igbinadolor, ANPA’s David Axelrod.
-Drinking coffee with Papa Paparazzi, ANPA’s IBM Archive, Abraham Osinbowale while drafting the Ist ANPA Mission Week Summary in the airport
-Gisting and brainstorming with my BFF, ANPA’s Gladiator Cliff Eke anytime we can get about ANPA and life.
-Phil Igbinadolor and Tagbo Ekwonu flying all the way from North Carolina to my wedding and then waiting 2 hours for me to walk down the aisle.
-Being Invited by Nze, Nkem Chukwumerije into a small meeting room with Dr. Bennet Omalu and other ANPA members.
-Or the time Mike Etomi, with his numerous connections, freely gave me ideas of job ventures in Nigeria when I was considering moving back.
-Getting the privilege to pin the Legend Prof Ajovi Scott Emuakpor during the Las Vegas Convention.
-Talking about being a woman leader and challenges of running a home while shopping for hats in Calabar with President Charmaine Emelife
-Being told by Yele Aluko that he’s proud of me during our yearly 5-minute update sessions
-And then there are those ANPA aunties and uncles that I can never think of as anything besides Uncle Linus Obilo. Aunty Stella and Uncle Julius Kpaduwa Aunty Offune Obaze
-So you see, there still remains much for us to do in the next 25 years but one thing that ANPA has done well in my eyes has been to invite millennial physicians like myself into this GREAT BIG family filled with tons of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Barbara Onyia-Ndukwe MD

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  • Dele EKUNSANMI MD;FACP, June 18, 2019 @ 3:32 pm

    Nice one Barbara. Some of us were so impressed by the youthful enthusiasm your group exhibited during our board meeting in Houston a few years back. I knew then that ANPA’s future remains bright.
    Keep up the good work

    Dele Ekunsanmi MD; FACP
    Premier Clinics. SC USA

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