Countdown To ANPA @ 25

I recall the invitation to the ANPA inaugural meeting in the summer of 1995 at Anaheim California. Flying from the East to the West coast to attend the meeting is a reflection on the thirst there was for finding a platform for us to give back to improve the deteriorating healthcare system we have left behind. 25 years later I’m glad I made the trip. ANPA has over the years shown its determination to sustain a strong platform for engagement of Nigerian Physicians in North America despite the many obstacles that had to overcome in its growth. ANPA provides a spirit of inclusion for any group that shares common goals for improving health care in Nigeria.

In the early 2000s as the then President of UNCOMMA (University of Nigeria College of Medicine Alumni) together with my colleague from ICOMMA (Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni), I appealed to the ANPA at the Board meeting in Dallas to welcome and support the alumni associations of Nigerian Medical Schools at their annual conference. The motion was unanimously passed at that meeting. Today we have Friday alumni night at the convention

In 2009 the ANPA executive under the leadership of Dr. Julius Kpaduwa made its debut Conference in Abuja, a few years later under Dr. Chukwumerije started the Anpa week in Nigeria, Dr. Johnson kept it alive and developed its special projects and our current President took it to a new level. We must continue to make big strides because the obstacles for progress and healthcare delivery in Nigeria is overwhelming. Financing the organization to cross these obstacles and fulfill our vision is paramount to our continued success. We must support our current fundraising efforts.

Four years ago the National Golf committee appealed to the Anpa Carolina Chapter to serve as the home to the Anpa golf classic. I thank Yele Aluko and Mike Etomi for forging ahead with this, especially Yele with the partnership is a strong foundation through making the partnership with the HeartBright foundation. Thanks to the active members of Anpa Carolina as this continues to grow “alarmingly”!! I thank all who have participated and call on all our members and friends to support this activity.

The ANPA Women’s Hat and Tea is another fundraising activity and we must support our ladies for this worthwhile endeavor that reaches and positively impacts many. Our able President- Charmaine Emelife, has shown us in 1 year through her leadership what can be done with our collective strengths.

Finally, we must review our operating structure to attract financially strong and potential leaders to our midst.

The best is yet to come!
Long live ANPA

Obi Maduka MD

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and Pediatrics
Wyndham Pediatrics – CT

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