Countdown To ANPA @ 25

My first meeting at ANPA southern California chapter, was in 2001 and was very refreshing. I met a diverse group of Nigerian physicians who genuinely liked and enjoy each other’s company and had common love for the home country and a passion for improving the health system in Nigeria and the local, at-risk, communities in the USA.
Since then I have served at various levels in the organization and observed many dedicated physicians working to drive the mission of our great organization. We have touched on many aspects of the health systems in Nigeria-


– The delivery aspect, through medical missions and Various training programs, CPD
– Resource production/workforce aspect, through curriculum development, Alumni support etc.
– Management, through the performance improvement and healthcare management seminars
– Healthcare access and economic support, through advocacy and dialogue with the NHIS
– Programs/organizations, through partnerships with MDCN, NUC, NCDC etc.…
Our mission requires that we engage in Nigeria and in North America. ANPA WEEK has provided us the vehicle to do field work in Nigeria, focusing on CPD, medical mission and advocacy. We still have a lot of work to do in expanding and refining ANPA week programs. We are yet to fully articulate a frame work for local community engagement in the USA. We have made strides around malaria advocacy, healthcare mentoring programs and fund raising to support social safety net programs. Opportunities remain in the work around membership growth and retention. The 25th anniversary presents an opportunity for a strategic planning retreat to take another look at our mission, vision, current state, membership opportunities and to develop key 5-10-year strategic imperatives that will give directional focus and drive the next phase of our organization life cycle.
While we reflect, let us take a moment to thank the founders of this great association, for their vision and hard work. Many thanks to the dedicated members that have supported the mission and vision of our great cultural and professional association. What a blend!!!
Nkem Chukwumerije, MD, MPH, FACP
Past President (2014-2016)

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