Chicago 2011 ANPA conference: Traditional or Western Attire?

As the ANPA national convention in Chicago this year looms I have been giving a lot of thought to what I am going to wear at the Gala on Saturday night after the conference. Normally I don’t spend time thinking about it but the last conference in Washington DC was impressive not only for the educational content and rich discussion at the business meeting but the variety of gowns, suits and agbadas worn at the gala night. We had couples in matching outfits, mix and match and western attire. Gentlemen looked dashing in suits and agbadas and women looked resplendent in gowns.

Dr Preston Ukoli is the unofficial fashion police officer at the gala night. His job is to arrest the repeat offenders: wearing the same agbada from the previous convention. This is where the western attire has an advantage. You can change the shirt or tie and wear the same suit.

Couples in matching attire:

Also had couples in mix and match:

Couples in Western attire:

Gentlemen in this and that:

Ladies in Gowns:

Other guests:

Presidential wardrobe:

Chicago 2011 is going to be even more fun so dust off your suits, agbada and gowns.


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