ANPA Women’s Hat and Tea Forum: A Tale of 2 Charities

On Sept 20, 2016 the ANPA Women’s Hat and Tea Forum, made the first ever donation to motherless babies homes in Enugu, Nigeria.
This was an epochal and a heart-warming event as this singular act moved us one step forward towards contributing to the wellbeing of a number of motherless children (ages 0 -24mths) at the facilities.  In keeping with the ANPA mission “to encourage the development of practical solutions to Nigerian health care problems through strategic initiative and field activities inside Nigeria”, the ANPA women have set forth towards our vision “a healthier Nigeria in a healthy world.”
Hat and Tea Forum, ANPA Convention in Las Vegas
R to L Shirley Aluko (Chair Hat and Tea Forum), Awa Igbinadolor, Amaka Ekwonu and Guest.


L to R : Chinyere Anyaogu, Shirley Aluko, Charmaine Emelife-Ukabam, Kwavi Agbeyegbe and Chris Johnson.
At the recently concluded   ANPA scientific session in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2016; the Women’s Hat and Tea Forum focused awareness on women and children issues in Nigeria and undertook a lottery which resulted in a $1000 donation to a Motherless Babies home. A special lottery pick ended with the Red Cross Enugu Motherless babies’ home as the selected beneficiary for the year.
Dr Ngozi Achebe who made the winning lottery pick and Dr Charmaine Emelife -Ukabam, the     President -Elect of ANPA were in attendance in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria to make the donations to the institution. We were accompanied by our Nigerian members and colleagues – Dr Ifeoma Okoye, Dr Anthea Nwandu and our friends Mrs. Ifeyinwa Iloani, Mrs. Adanne Eze and Mrs. Chinenye Okwuosa to mention just a few. Press coverage and camera cover were aided by our unwavering partners from Fidelity Bank, Nigeria led by the ED, South Mrs. Aku Odinkemelu and Mr. Ejike Ndiulo.
L to R: Anthea Nwandu, Ngozi Achebe and Charmaine Emelife-Ukabam
Donation of GeePee Tank to the Holy Child Motherless Babies home
N150,000 Donation to the Red Cross Motherless Babies Home

As if that was not exhilarating enough on its own, a providential confusion led us to make an even bigger difference for the unsuspecting orphans and vulnerable children of the Holy Child Motherless Babies Home, Ogui, Enugu a few blocks away. We ended up also donating a much needed 750 liter GeePee water tank. It was a priceless item which the reverend sisters had prayed hard for and like the manna from heaven; it was dropped unexpectedly at their doorstep. What a jubilant crew they were! They filled the tank with water as soon as a tanker arrived.
To the Red Cross Motherless babies home, we donated a 750 liter GeePee Tank, 5 cartons of SMA Gold and 150,000 Naira in cash. It was well received by the Chairman, Mr. Nwokolo of the Red Cross, Enugu Branch; Secretary of Red Cross, Mr. Tony Udegbu and the Matron in charge.
With this, the Ladies Hat and Tea Forum has started a process that will continue to showcase ANPA and its humanitarian services.

Report is submitted by  Charmaine Emelife-Ukabam  MD.
President Elect ANPA

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