ANPA Merit Award: Iheanacho Emeruwa, MD

The story of ANPA will not be complete without mention of Dr Iheanacho Emeruwa . Dr Emeruwa was one of the core group of Nigerian Doctors largely from Southern California who sowed the seeds and laid the groundwork for what we know today as ANPA. True to his professional calling, he was indeed one of the “ midwives at ANPA’s birth “.

An indefatigable and gifted organizer he brought to the nascent organization considerable skills he had gained serving in other civic and social organizations as varied as the ACLU, Common Cause and the Nigerian Democracy Task Force to name a few. He was a Founding member of ANPA, our first executive Director and also the first chairman of our celebrated Medical Missions Committee . In all these roles , Dr Emeruwa served with distinction.

Dr Emeruwa’s commitment to excellence was honed in before we met him at ANPA. He is a distinguished alumnus of Government Secondary School, Afikpo, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Edinboro State College and earned an M.D.[ with Honors ] from Howard University. A rare hybrid professional, he is Board certified in Internal Medicine and Obstetrics / Gynecology. A practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist, he is the Medical Director of the ASPEN Medical Group and Chairman, Dept of Obstetrics / Gynecology at Corona Regional Medical Center.

Dr Emeruwa and his wife Magdalene [ herself the first Executive Secretary of ANPA ] are blessed with three children who have joined “ the family business “ and are on track to become ANPA members some day soon. They and their cohort represent ANPA’s future.

And so we recognize and thank Dr Emeruwa for his commitment, dedication and service to the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas.


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