ANPA 2014 Merit Award: Professor Ajovi Scott-Emuakpor

Professor Ajovi Scott-EmuakporProfessor Ajovi Scott-Emuakpor made a memorable call about 20 years ago about his elation at the founding of the ANPA. This distinguished professor and gentleman went on to take over the CME Program of ANPA.  His flexibility, unsurpassed intellectual capability, unpretentious humility, and accommodation, as well as his infatiguability, have remained the cornerstone of his success.

Professor Scott-Emuakpor and his committee work represent one of the enduring pillars on which ANPA has stood over the years. Indeed, the ANPA CME is Professor Scott-Emuakpor, and Professor Scott-Emuakpor is the ANPA CME.

There is no single citation, no matter how exhaustive, that can tell the full story of this man that is fondly called Ajovi. His real middle name – Blessing – perhaps is one of the best that describes his worth to us at ANPA.  His fellow faculty members at Michigan State, his practice partners, his students, residents, and fellows, as well as his extended family to which he is the rock, all tell similar stories full of praise.  Always a non-judgmental, impartial, and keen observer, and a witness who tells it as it is, he has struck the heart of all of us in this association and beyond.  We are all also struck by his humility and dedication to ANPA and continue to remain grateful for his commitment to this difficult task, which he has executed with patience and unsurpassed intellectualism.

If there is a man that could be called a true “blessing” to any group/s anywhere, Professor Ajovi Blessing Scott-Emuakpor is the closest that we will ever get. So on behalf of all members of the ANPA, this award is presented as our token gesture to the brilliance he has been to this organization.

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