ANPA 2014 Convention: Tea and Hat Party

Narrated by Chinyere Anyaogu, MD IMG_2734We wanted to do something- nice. Just a nice way to involve the Women of ANPA in the yearly activities to make them feel more involved in the convention, bring the women physicians and non physician spouses together for some time of bonding, communion, togetherness and reflection. A time to get together and brainstorm about the things that we relate to that bring us together and the things we wish we could do to bring forward the mission of the Association in a different context- away from the scientific discussion and political arguments. Something that we could relate to that in a different way could push us forward and allow a feminine slant on things as we brainstormed and got to know each other a little better than the cursory hello in the hall or brief introduction through common spaces…. IMG_2748 ANPA Women – in prior years used to have an Affiliate arm that was strong and vibrant and active in community outreach, education and altruism and somewhere along the line, life got in the way and it somehow  fizzled out… IMG_2326 And at one of the Conventions we were looking for a way to bring the women together and increase interest  in a proactive positive way and Shirley AlukoCharmaine Emelife,  Toks Etomi and I came up with the idea of the Hat and Tea session. IMG_2742 Why a Hat? Because we ALL know that Niaja woman knows about a hat. Period. It takes one to know one…. Hat as defined by this Forum includes the following- gele, facing cap, head band, head bead, flower and extra head piece ( all definitions acceptable?) Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful raise you head high and make you smile in a picture- will do! IMG_2379 IMG_2377 IMG_2363 Why Tea? Well because it is healthy, popular and quite frankly an appropriate beverage for that time of day. IMG_2674 IMG_2628IMG_2355 And so the Hat and Tea session of ANPA women was born and we started off begging for a small room and grabbing people coming out of the session to pop in for a few minutes to jot down names and email addresses and having a handful of attendees.. IMG_2701 IMG_2514IMG_2382That was 3 years ago, currently it’s a well looked forward to addition to the meeting and is a Forum where women network, promote health and wellness plan fundraising and come together for common goals to improve and give charity to women and children all over the globe with the goal to have the different chapters have representatives to ensure each convention has a home host. IMG_2707IMG_2464   IMG_2320 This years Forum was the best yet and hosted by Shirely, Charmaine, Toks, Stella, Kwavi and myself we able to get the largest number of women together so far and share thoughts on strategy and common goals for the future years. IMG_2347 IMG_2396IMG_2428 Not bad for having a little fun with our Hats and some tea!! IMG_2706 IMG_2678 IMG_2630 IMG_2622 IMG_2597 IMG_2558 IMG_2556 IMG_2515 IMG_2327 IMG_2321 IMG_2594 IMG_2474 See you next year! Chinyere Anyaogu, MD

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