A Healthier Nigeria in a Healthier World

THE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN PHYSICIANS IN THE AMERICAS (ANPA), was incorporated in 1995 for educational, scientific and charitable purposes as a tax-exempt non-profit organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

ANPA represents the professional interests of 4,000 plus physicians, dentists and allied health professionals of Nigerian birth, ethnicity or empathy in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean providing a platform for medical and scientific dialogue, on issues of health within North America, the Caribbean, and Africa, pertinent to persons of descent from the Nigerian Diaspora.

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Message from the President

I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to lead this great organization. ANPA has grown from humble beginnings to a much respected and admired professional organization representing the interests of a very talented and engaged membership. I honor and respect the vision of our founders who have labored for years to bring us to where we are today. To these great members, I express profound gratitude.

To sshering ANPA into the next Quadranscentennial era, my Presidential platform will be built upon the following:

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Chinyere Anyaogu MD MPH FACOG

Why Join ANPA?

ANPA member benefits include continuing education credits, leadership and/or committee involvement opportunities, annual meeting discounts, and options to serve and/or support medical missions.

Don’t Have a Local Chapter?

An ANPA chapter may represent an entire state, or only a part of a state (as in the USA) or a whole province or part of a province (as in Canada). Also a chapter may represent members from different adjoining or contiguous states (as in the USA) or different contiguous provinces or adjoining provinces (as in Canada).

A minimum of ten members is required to form a chapter of ANPA. Approval of the Board of Directors certifies a chapter as a bona fide branch of the Association.


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A Healthier Nigeria in a Healthier World

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