Countdown To ANPA @ 25

Wow! 25 years seem like yesterday. I remember when Dr. Yinka Shoroye invited a group of us to join him in the formation of ANPA. Since then the association has grown nationally and internationally. Special thanks to Acho and Meg Emeruwa who operated tirelessly from their home while Acho was the first Executive Director of ANPA.

I duff my hat to Dr. Al Obayuwana who taught us the parliamentary procedures. Prior to that time our meetings went past midnight and we hardly had time to spend with our families and friends.

ANPA has not stopped growing and some chapters now have well over 50 members. Kudos to everyone who has in many ways contributed to the growth of ANPA.

Congratulations on this 25th anniversary. Keep up the good work.

Akin Kuyinu, MD

Congratulations to ANPA on its 25th anniversary. I would like to thank the founding members for their vision in starting the organization. To the national leadership who have maintained and sustained ANPA’s vision and mission, thanks for a job well done. To the local chapters who have been instrumental in the growth of ANPA, thanks for your hard work to increase membership. To the members who have supported ANPA over the years, thanks for your loyalty.
I have enjoyed attending national conferences, participating in medical missions to Nigeria, and local outreach programs here in the US. I cherish the friendships formed through my membership in ANPA as we are all one big family, always there for each other, through the good and bad times.
I wish ANPA all the best to achieve its goals as it continues to grow in membership and its impact in the local and international community.

Esther Kuyinu, DDS
Chair, ANPA NJ Chapter, 2015 – 2016

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